The Semi-Finalists will have their projects reviewed by our global Jury of Leaders, comprised of Founders and CEOs, NGO directors, academic and political leaders, impact fund managers, foundation executives, and leaders from various fields. This group of eminent leaders from around the world will build on the review by the Panel of Experts to select finalists. They will review projects for team capacity, feasibility and scalability. Jurors will also engage directly with the semi-finalists leading to and during the Futures Project Conference in Munich in December 2020. Engaging these trusted leaders from diverse sectors and all parts of the world also brings a multitude of experienced perspectives on leadership and building a resilient future.

If you would like to nominate a potential member of our Jury of Leaders, please contact Futures Project CEO Julia Stamm at julia.stamm[at]futures-project.org .

Meet our Jury

ChiChi Aniagolu-Okoye
Suman Bose
Elaina Chong
Jörg Dräger
Henrik Enderlein
Mei Lin Fung
Sascha Haselmayer
Karen Hussey
Edwin Ikhuoria
Kimiko Imai
Marieme Jamme
Ramona Liberoff
Chris Luebkeman
Herbert Mangesius
Joel Ruet
Prema Sagar
Anna Stünzi
Mamadou Toure
Renaud Vercouter