Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

1. What are applicants applying for?

The Semi-Finalists projects The Semi-Finalists inspiring and impactful projects will be recognized in conjunction with the UN75 Global Conversation project. They will be portrayed online in a widely shared digital yearbook. 

The Semi-Finalists projects will be invited to pitch their projects in front of this Jury at the Futures Project Flagship Conference in Munich in December 2020, and they will receive individualised mentoring and pitch preparation support. These semi-finalists will have their projects reviewed by and receive feedback from our Jury of Leaders, comprised of CEOs, NGO directors, political leaders, impact fund managers, foundation executives, and leaders from other fields.

Up to 5 winning projects will participate in a highly customised Social Impact Accelerator in Spring 2021. This four-month experience will include one-on-one mentoring with experts and industry leaders, interaction with the TFP global network, and an intensive 5-7 day, in-person training week in Berlin. Furthermore, the selected projects will receive individualised mentorship for a full year, launching their projects into the next phases of impact for the future.

2. Does the Call for Innovators award funding?

The Futures Project will not provide direct funding; participation in the Social Impact Accelerator programme will be given as in-kind support to the top projects. However, through the pitch process and participation in the Accelerator programme, you will have the opportunity to share your project directly with top international foundations and impact investors.

3. How does the Call for Innovators tie in to the UN75 Global Conversation Initiative?

The UN75 Global Conversation initiative is intended to spark conversations about building the futures we want. Innovators for the Future is adding to this conversation by identifying and supporting projects that are thoughtfully considering the futures they want to see and taking action to bring these futures to life.


1. What kind of projects are you looking for?

We are looking for innovative projects and initiatives from any sector that are making positive and substantial impacts on communities and their futures. Projects can be anywhere from local to global in their reach. These projects should be able to articulate how they are addressing both the urgency of the moment, given the COVID-19 crisis, and the problems of our future. Projects should have the potential to be replicable, scalable, and sustainable. For more information, see “What We Look For”.

2. What are the basic eligibility criteria?

Applicants should fulfill the following basic eligibility criteria:

  1. Must provide a valid and functioning email address and be able to communicate regularly by email.
  2. Must be a registered entity (company, nonprofit, quasi-governmental entity, etc.).
  3. Project must address one of The Futures Project’s focus areas: Life, Empowerment, and Society.
  4. Project must be intended to last beyond the current COVID-19 crisis (i.e. we are not looking for projects that have a temporary or crisis-dependent duration).
  5. Must be committed to enrolling in and participating in The Futures Project Social Impact Accelerator if they are selected.
3. How well-established should applicants’ projects be?

We are open to initiatives that are just starting out with pilot projects, those who have already achieved some results, and those who are ready to scale for greater impact.

4. I have an idea, but I have not started working on it yet. Can I apply?

In order to apply, you should have already started putting your idea into action.


1. How does the application process work?

The application process consists of a pre-application to assess eligibility and an application for those who meet the eligibility requirements.

Step one: Fill out our quick pre-application form--it’s an indication of interest and eligibility check.

Step two: We will notify applicants on a rolling basis as to whether they qualify to complete the full application form. All applicants will be notified by mid-June and will have until July 31st to complete the full application form.

Please note that some applicants may be asked to provide more detail at later stages in the application, but we will contact you individually about this.

2. How long does the application take?

The pre-application form should take no more than one hour. The full application may take a few hours to complete. It does not require extensive budget projections or documentation. A founder or project leader should be able to fill out this application form using their own knowledge about the initiative.

3. I have questions or need support on the application. What should I do?

You can email our application support team at They are available to answer questions and help you submit the best possible applications but are not involved in the review process. The support team will follow up with you to answer questions or arrange a time to speak.


1. How does the review process work?

Please see the “How does it work?” section on our web page.

2. What criteria are being used to evaluate projects?

Projects will be evaluated on their potential for impact, feasibility, commitment to the future, and alignment with the values set forth by the Call for Innovators. Our Expert Reviewers and Jury Members will consider your explanations of your idea, methodology, team, and the evidence you provide about your project’s potential to achieve results.