Panel of Experts

As part of the application review process, all applications who pass an initial administrative screening will be reviewed by a panel of experts, a international group of highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals from academia, business, politics, arts and civil society. Expert Reviewers will draw on their professional experience, technical knowledge, and subject matter expertise to identify projects that seem to offer plausible, interesting, and relevant contributions to their respective field. In doing so, Expert Reviewers ground the application review process in practical and theoretical expertise. They select the Semi-Finalists – the Innovators for the Future Class of 2020. Additionally, expert reviewers are invited to remain engaged in the process, as mentors or advisors to applicants or as collaborators on future Futures Project initiatives.

If you are interested in becoming an Expert Reviewer or would like to recommend someone, please contact Rachel Gutierrez at rachel.gutierrez[at] For more information about the Application Review process, please see the overview page here.

Meet our Experts

Ana Álvarez Monge
Amrei Andrasch
Robert Braun
Pramuan Bunkanwanicha
Angus Donald Campbell
Sally Chew
Taroub Faramand
Julien Fredonie
Martin Grabert
Javier Guillot
Gunjan Gupta
Sven Hilbig
Carla Hustedt
Udo Jude Ilo
Moon Jerin
Simone Kimpeler
Sudhanshu Mallick
Irina Manea
Aditi Mankad
M. Rashad Massoud
Kirti Mishra
Mariza Montes de Oca León
Mugendi K. M'Rithaa
Sophie Pilgrim
Joke Quintens
Christian Rauch
Thomas Rausch
Gerd Schönwälder
Mujaheed Shaikh
Liesa Siedentopp
Rob Stephens
Huguette Umutoni Bitega